Cat House System
Catty Stacks - 'Cause cats LOVE cardboard! The economical, ecofriendly, configurable cat habitat.

Cats bring us so much joy.  We hope our products make you happy by making your cats happy.  We also work hard to consider mother earth.

This project began in December 2008. Tito and Stains, our two long hair cats, had just moved in and we were all learning how to live together. One thing became apparent... the cats needed some space to call their own. We searched online and found predominantly large, heavy, ugly, and expensive cat houses and climbing structures. They were all "one size fits all" with no way to tailor them to our specific needs. They also seemed so wasteful. Do our cats really need a 50lb wooden structure shipping cross country?

At the same time, we began receiving large shipping boxes from online vendors for all of our holiday shopping. Our cats went NUTS for the boxes. We cut a door in one of the bigger boxes and voila, Tito and Stains had their first house. We filled it with pillows and old cloths and the cats nested comfortably. We then set to develop a way to connect the boxes together to form different sizes and shapes. Catty Stacks were born.